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Data Sheet 3Com SwitCh 5500G GiGabit Family

3Com SwitCh 5500G GiGabit Family

3Com SwitCh 5500G GiGabit Family

3Com SwitCh 5500G GiGabit Family
The 3Com® Switch 5500G Gigabit Family delivers
premium levels of performance, security and
reliability for robust switching at the enterprise
network edge. The family consists of Layer 2/3/4
Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switches,
with advanced features that can accommodate the
most demanding applications, offering resilient and
secure connectivity and the latest traffic-prioritization
technologies to optimize applications on converged
networks. Designed for maximum flexibility and
scalability, 3Com Switch 5500G models come with 24
or 48 Gigabit ports, and offer optional modules for 10-
Gigabit and SFP Gigabit uplink connections.
The switches can be stacked up to eight units high
using patented 3Com XRN® (eXpandable Resilient
Networking) technology. One XRN stack can provide
up to 448 Gigabit Ethernet ports, with 96 Gbps
resilient stacking bandwidth, all centrally managed,
with high-end enterprise chassis-class availability.

Further expansion is possible via clustered stacking
technology, allowing single IP management for up to
32 devices from different 3Com switch families,
including the Switch 5500G, 5500, 4800G, 4500G, 4500,
4200G and 4210.


3Com Switch 5500G 10/100/1000 devices provide
switching capacity of up to 232 Gbps for 48-port
models and 184 Gbps for 24-port models. Wirespeed
line-rate performance is delivered on all ports within
the stack. Advanced Layer 3 routing—including OSPF,
PIM-SM, PIM-DM and RIP v1/v2—helps deliver
optimal performance and system response.
The Switch 5500G family consists of five models:
choose 24 or 48 Gigabit ports, with or without PoE; a
fifth SFP model offers 24 SFP Gigabit ports. Four ports
on each of these models are dual-purpose or “dualpersonality”,
functioning as either 10/100/1000 or with
fiber Gigabit SFPs; two of these four SFP ports also
support Fast Ethernet fiber.
All models come with an applications module slot for
adding ports or capabilities. Install an 8-port SFP
Gigabit module, or a 1- or 2-port 10-Gigabit module.
Use this in the future to add a 3Com Open Services
Networking (OSN) module.
3Com SwitCh 5500G
GiGabit Family
From top: 3Com Switch 5500G-EI 24-Port, Switch 5500G-EI PWR
24-Port, Switch 5500G-EI 48-Port, Switch 5500G-EI PWR 48-Port,
Switch 5500G-EI 24-Port SFP


XRN technology, a 3Com innovation, enables multiple
inter-connected and stackable Layer 3 switches to be
managed as a single entity. Stack and switching fabric
setup is automated and provides a high level of
resiliency and continuous availability without adding to
network complexity. After configuration, all switches
actively share routing intelligence and network
loads—eliminating the wasted bandwidth and added
expense of a passive standby unit. Ultra-fast failover
recovery automatically redistributes traffic among the
other active units in case a switch becomes
disconnected or fails.

The Switch 5500G family provides integrated and
distributed security enforcement that can be managed
from a central location. Access control lists (ACLs)
help protect network resources from unauthorized
access and data corruption. User-based authentication
and DES 56/168-bit† encryption help secure Layer 3
protocols and management controls such as SSH v2
and SNMP. IEEE 802.1X RADIUS/TACACS+ network
login and RADIUS Authenticated Device Access (RADA)
enforce access control at the network edge.

Next-generation traffic prioritization features—
including advanced policy-based Class of Service/
Quality of Service (CoS/QoS), eight priority queues,
committed access rates, bandwidth limiting and
filtering and more—identify and optimize delaysensitive
traffic such as voice and video. To help assure
this optimization, switches can be configured to
automatically isolate voice traffic from 3Com and other
IP telephony systems within a voice-dedicated VLAN.

3Com Switch 5500G products are the first stackable
switches to support multiple power schemes right out
of the box, with a choice of AC, AC and DC, or DC
operation. Select models also support IEEE 802.3af
PoE, enabling power to be injected out to the edge of
the network without the need to install additional
wires or upgrade existing power supplies. The
customer-swappable power supply unit enables non-
PoE models to be easily upgraded to PoE capability.

All 3Com Switch 5500G models support a redundant
power system (RPS) connection.
RPS units provide these benefits:
› For PWR switches, an RPS can deliver more power
budget for IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet than
what the switches alone can provide. For example,
the Switch 5500G PWR 48-port switch has a PoE
power budget of 300 Watts, which means that less
than half of the ports can provide the full 802.3af PoE
power of 15.4 Watts. With an RPS providing power, all
48-ports can provide a full 15.4 Watts of PoE power.
› They deliver redundant power to switches so there is
continued operation should the switch unit power
supply fail. This allows for continuous operation of
advanced Enterprise networks, particularly important
for converged networks running IP phones on
the network.

3Com H3C RPS Systems
3Com switches are compatible with 3Com H3C® RPS
solutions. These are enterprise-class power
redundancy systems that work with many 3Com fixedconfiguration
switches. 3Com Corporation
manufactures networking equipment under the H3C
brand for sale into many markets.
These H3C RPS models are used with the Switch 5500G:
› the H3C RPS 1000 is 1U high and provides multiple
power output connections to support multiple switch
units at the same time. Two power rectifiers can be
installed for 1+1 load sharing and power redundancy.
It supports switches with -54V RPS connections, and
delivers sufficient power to fully provision all PoE
ports of a switch with full power redundancy.
› the RPS 800 provides selective DC outputs of +12V
and -54V. This is a fixed-configuration 1U high unit
with a single power rectifier and a single power connection.
Sufficient redundant power is available for
provisioning a single Switch 5500G 48- or 24-port
non-PoE unit.

The 3Com Operating System employed in the Switch
5500G is the same powerful software used in other
3Com enterprise stackable switches as well as in
3Com modular switch and enterprise router families.
This makes for an easy mix-and-match of networking
technologies with consolidated administration over
the entire network, as well as edge-to-core visibility
and control when using 3Com management
applications such as 3Com Enterprise Management
Suite and Network Director.

Standards-based switching and management features
provide a networking solution that maximizes IT
investment and supports emerging standards.
Comprehensive IPv6 management features, as well as
IPv6 traffic filtering and classification, prepares your
network for this next generation IPv6 version while
maintaining full compatibility with today’s more
common IPv4.


The 3Com Switch 5500G is backed by 3Com and its
authorized partners. Professional customer service
organizations offer assessment, installation,
manage ment and maintenance support for network
infrastructures. Skilled personnel with experience in
a variety of network environments can assist 3Com
customers through all phases of network planning,
implementation, troubleshooting and product training.

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